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We tackle “The Dip” for you

The Dip is a slim but potent book by Seth Godin, a marketing expert. In it, he observes that becoming the best in the world at anything takes hard work and the courage to quit what won’t get you there. Because the world lavishes superstars with outsized rewards, the effort is worth it. Like many of Godin’s ideas, the dip is obvious yet we still need to be reminded of it.

Mo Farah, a world-class runner, quit fast and without guilt. At the start of his career, Mo wasn’t finishing at the top and he considered quitting racing altogether. Instead, he quit London, his home, to devote himself to train full-time with a legendary (and controversial) coach in rural Oregon. Mo went on to win double gold at the Olympics and every other major race. Mo beat “the dip” because he quit the distractions and focused 100% on his career. He is now a legend in track running.

alt Photo by AI King / CC BY / "The greatest night in British athletic history"

We’re not world-class runners, and that’s a “dip” we’re not taking on. But Bloomia wants to become the household name for sustainable, thoughtful and conscious floral products. There is a lot of work ahead with a path that is steep and full of traps to keep us from going on. But we promise to quit: quit any thoughts that we might not belong up there, quit any distracting projects, and quit going down any paths that do not have extraordinary outcomes waiting for us. (Godin calls these “cul-de-sacs.”)


In the last year we faced a lot of challenges when we brought our four companies together under the single Bloomia brand. But this is our path, our dip, to redefine what flowers mean to society and become the household name in flowers.

It’s worth it because we want to help you stay the superstar friend, spouse, and partner you are in your world. When you buy Bloomia flowers you are making an effort and sacrificing something. In a sense, that’s a small dip. We want you and your loved ones to be happy, proud and know Bloomia flowers are the best. So we grow everything without pesticides, we support causes that matter with our Blooms for Hope initiative, and we include human happiness as part of sustainability.

We can only become the best flower company in the world with you on our side. And we know you have many flower choices. But based on your feedback, on our quality partners, and our success over the past 70 years we are convinced we are on the right path.

Every person, relationship and organization faces moments that start out exciting and fun, but then get very difficult. At those moments (or before, if you see them coming), ask yourselves: if we keep pushing and quit what’s distracting us, will we reap amazing rewards together? If not, do we have the courage to quit and focus on what makes us the best in the world? Mo Farah’s story is especially inspiring because his family made the sacrifice to leave London and move with him across the world. What an amazing team!


Does “the dip” or Mo Farah’s story resonate with you? We want to know! Tell us your experiences going through a “dip” on the comments below. We’ll send a free bouquet and a copy of Seth Godin’s book to the best story out of the bunch we receive1. Now that’s taking on the dip!

We’d like to thank Alberto, our US General Manager, for suggesting The Dip. Any Bloomia employee interested in reading this book gets a free copy!

PS: If you want to know more about 'The Dip' we strongly recommend you to read Guy Kawasaki’s interview to Seth Godin here or grab a copy of the book here. Happy reading!

  1. Offer valid until September 20, 2017 and to residents in the United States.


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