Bloomia and CityCenterDC are partners in happiness

CityCenterDC is an urban development spilling over with beautiful kites, trendy shops and happy people.

It’s been called, “A modern-day Rockefeller Center,” by the New York Times. And with our new pop-up shop in their public park, we feel like a million bucks.

Our world’s first Bloomia Market is a small, steel container selling colorful tulips in the gorgeously designed public park at CityCenterDC. We are surrounded by sleek shops like Louis Vuitton, cutting-edge restaurants like Momofuku, and Centrolina, a woman-owned and operated restaurant and market.

Timothy R. Lowery, General Manager of CityCenterDC, said, “Bloomia is a great company, with beautiful flowers, and a great team. … We love what they stand for, their mission, and that they are local to the DC area. It was a very good fit for what we were looking for in a partner, and our goals were similar: making people happy.”

When you need a moment of happiness, to share a story, or just connect with a new neighbor come say hi to us. We’re the small bright pop-up shop in the Park at CityCenter at the corner of 11st NW and New York Ave.

Find us here
New York Ave and 11st NW

Open Tuesday-Sunday from 10am to 6pm until April 15th!


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