Bloomia’s world-first market celebrates history and happiness in Washington DC

Our world’s first Bloomia Market is a small, steel container selling colorful flowers in the beautiful CityCenterDC.

We are happy to be attracting women walking dogs, couples going home, and employees out for lunch. Our customers and neighbors tell us how happy our flowers make them and how they enjoy buying local flowers for the price of a cup of coffee.


Few people know that Bloomia’s pop-up shop is also across the street from the historic Old Greyhound Terminal. The sweeping lines of the art deco building spread back from its American flag over New York Ave. The terminal that once ferried thousands of servicemen and women to war and sent a Freedom Ride bus to challenge segregation is still stately and beautiful. To us, the Terminal is a symbol of America’s positive attitude.

Seeing that building as we open in the mornings inspires us to do our best. In our small way, we are now a hub for Washingtonians. Our daily visitors include people coming from yoga, native Washingtonians out for a walk and couples buying flowers for the finishing touch on their weekend brunch. No matter who you are or what moves you we welcome you in the spirit of the Old Greyhound Terminal.


When you need a moment of happiness, to share a story, or just connect with a new neighbor come say hi to us. We’re the small bright pop-up shop across from the Old Greyhound Terminal.

Find us here

Open Tuesday-Sunday from 10am to 6pm until April 15.


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