If You Think Flowers Only Belong in a Vase...You're Very Wrong!

Get to know Natalie Jacob

As a New Jersey-based bartender, beverage consultant, stylist, and recipe developer, Natalie Jacob is a creative Jill-of-many-trades. Her Arsenic-Lace blog is full of delicious cocktail recipes that are sure to make you thirsty and want to try your hand at shaking and stirring. If tasty drinks weren’t enough, Natalie’s posts also feature eye-catching fresh cut flowers. She’s definitely a bloom lover after our own heart.


We sat down with Natalie to learn more about her work and passion for flowers. Here the highlights of our conversation:

Your posts are so vibrant! What’s the inspiration behind your content?

I have always really appreciated the use of color - whether that be in fashion, design, or drinks. When I set out to start blogging about drinks I realized while there were plenty of lifestyle, home decor, and DIY blogs that loved color just as much as I did, but people blogging about drinks wasn’t interpreted the same. I’ve spent pretty much the last decade of my life working in dark, dimly lit bars with lots of brown wood - honestly I just wanted to do something different. Drinking doesn’t always have to be dark and moody, it can be light and fun too! I guess I started to create the kind of content that would speak to others like me and I wanted it to evoke happiness and positivity.

What’s your favorite flower?

I have always loved ranunculus, peonies and anything else that looks wild and picked right out of a field.


One favorite flower memory?

My favorite teacher in high school use to call me blue roses, because of the book/play The Glass Menagerie. He said blue roses were special and rare and that was the symbolism in the book as well. One of my first tattoos was a blue rose on my left shoulder because of him. Whenever I walk by some corner store with fake blue dyed roses I have to buy one just because.

What do you look for when you buy flowers?

Definitely color! I tend to lean more towards neutrals and pastels when I’m buying flowers. I do take into consideration what room they are going to be in and try to plan accordingly to what will be going on around them.


Why are flowers and cocktails the perfect match?

I love to include natural elements in my photography, so flowers are the perfect prop. You can match and arrange them to be a part of the color scheme you’re trying to achieve and even have them match the cocktails. Using edible flowers for garnishes like orchids and pansies is a wonderful way to incorporate flowers into your drinks. Every cocktail is like my own piece of art and I want them to be beautiful.

What’s your happy song?

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.

What makes you beautifully unique?

That’s a hard question to answer about yourself but I think it’s the way I look at world. I always try to see the color and beauty in everything.

To learn more about Natalie, her tips and tricks for making floral arrangements and how to make awesome drinks visit www.arsenic-lace.com or follow her on instragram @arseniclace.

Images by Love & Victory and Arsenic Lace.


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