Vases and Flowers, A Dream Match

Jonathan Adler holding our flowers? That would be a dream come true.

Bloomia is lucky enough to have the next best thing—Jonathan Adler vases holding our flowers. (And they’re so bold, our blooms are already blushing…)

Every week during Bloomia Market in Washington D.C., we’ll feature one of JA’s signature vase collections at our Pop-Up Shop. Here’s what to look out for:

The modern, vibrant Bel Air Collection—organic forms in vivid color, suspended in acrylic cubes—the perfect match for a bold bud. For a more neutral vessel, check out the Brutalist Collection—stoneware inspired by Brutalist architecture’s organic textures and strong lines, finished in a gunmetal glaze. The Palm Springs Collection features hand-thrown black stoneware marked by rigorous craftsmanship—a beautiful black and white blend of craft and couture. And for a real heart-stopper, JA’s iconic Aorta Collection, reimagined in a deep bronze glaze.


We love partnering with Jonathan Adler and his team. Sure, we’re a bit biased (the flower varieties on the brand’s website are the same types that we grow, after all…), but we’re also truly inspired by Jonathan’s passion for pottery, and how it drove him to build a global interior design company. 20 years in, there are 20 Jonathan Adler stores worldwide, offering everyone a chance to live their design fantasy surrounded by luxe and livable Modern American Glamour.

Bloomia followed a similar path — we also grew from a small (family, in our case) business to a global company, and we also share JA’s commitment to passionate design, impeccable craftsmanship, and refined technique.

Want to check out our partnership up close? Stop by the BloomiaMarket from March 15th to April 15th, 2018 to see our flowers in Jonathan Adler vases. Every customer receives a 20% discount for the Jonathan Adler shop in Georgetown.

*And if you want to read the best thing on the internet (seriously!), check out Jonathan Adler’s history and manifesto. A designer with a manifesto is a true artist. And an artist holding one of Bloomia’s ranunculus is… probably Jonathan Adler (because it’s his favorite flower!).


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