Spring in Washington is a Field of Tulips

When our first 40,000 tulips arrived from our Virginia greenhouses to CityCenterDC the snow had almost all melted. We finished arranging the field of tulips as the morning sky turned purple then orange.


People were taking photos of our tulips before the first rays of sun even hit them.
The fantastic folks over at NBC and WJLA came to interview us and get exclusive footage of Bloomia’s first-ever Field of Tulips.


Over 8,000 people came to enjoy our Field of Tulips and the beautiful installations from CityCenterDC. They came alone after work, in families, as couples, with friends, and even with their dogs. They took home smiling selfies and fresh tulips to brighten their home and their day. A lot of people came because we are donating a share of proceeds from the Field of Tulips to DC Central Kitchen. Others came because they saw people carrying our bright bags full of tulips. No matter why they came we enjoyed meeting and connecting with everyone of them.


Bloomia’s Field of Tulips united people across all types of backgrounds, from young Muslim women to 91 year-old Virginia natives. That’s the best outcome we could have hoped for. Everyone loves making their day happier, brighter and filling it with joy. Since our flowers are locally-grown, sustainable and support local charities they are radiating happiness in all directions.


Why not make fresh Bloomia flowers part of your everyday happiness routine? Come choose your color of happiness for today. Our BloomiaMarket is open at CityCenterDC from Tue-Sun 10am-6pm every day until April 15.


For more pictures of our Field of Tulips event at CityCenterDC, visit our Facebook page!


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