Bloomia USA Sustainability Manifesto

Creating a happier world is a challenge without end. We wouldn’t have it any other way

At Bloomia, we believe in doing things better and bettering the things we do. For us, that is sustainability – the challenge of always improving the product, people and environment. Sustainability is neither optional nor just a checklist, but an ongoing responsibility that we warmly welcome. It is how we better our world. And a better world is what we want for the generations to come as much as for ourselves.

We believe sustainability is about doing everything with the highest quality, for the best purpose. It’s why we grow our flowers in the United States and other locations near our buyers. We eliminate the need to burn thousands of gallons of fossil fuels to import flowers. We eliminate tons of wasteful packaging used in overseas shipments. And our biological control systems virtually eliminate the use of chemicals, pesticides and insecticides on the flowers you take home. Our goal is to create “better” options that are widely available, good-looking and affordable.

Being one of the largest flower growers in the USA, we accept sustainability as part of our daily commitment to improving our processes, products and people. We use our scale to challenge the status quo by showing better ways of working within and for our different communities. Keeping our facilities local we improve the livelihood of nearby, typically rural communities while lowering our ecological impact.

We also believe that growing and selling flowers carries a great responsibility. You trust our flowers to deliver some of life’s most important messages. We want you to carry those messages with pride. That’s why we’re transparent about our efforts and drive to be sustainable.

We hope you enjoy reading the highlights of our successes and actions in this, our first-ever, Sustainability Manifesto.

We conserve energy ⚡️

To minimize our contribution to climate change, we are working hard together with our partner Hortigroup to reduce our energy consumption and generate cleaner energy to run our operations.


  • Our greenhouses are made of glass with automated roofs and controls that keep the interior temperature just right with minimum energy use or loss. We monitor our greenhouses online, and have automatically adjusting shades that maximize how sunlight gets used in our greenhouses.

  • We compost our organic waste on-site and use it to replenish land around our greenhouses.

  • We installed efficient, thermal water storage tanks to optimize our hot and cold water use while considerably reducing our energy needs.

  • We replaced our heating unit burners and boilers with premium energy-efficient systems.

Our Commitment: We are constantly improving our energy efficiency. As important, we are actively working with Hortigroup to find ways to generate energy from our organic waste. Stay tuned to learn more about our leadership in “Flower Power”.

We innovate with materials and processes 👩🏽‍⚕️👨🏼‍⚕️

We are steadily incorporating more sustainable materials and processes into our products and operations.


  • We use ozone treatment equipment in our greenhouses and storage facilities. The treatment is part of our ongoing effort to eliminate pesticides.

  • We incorporate biological control systems into our greenhouses to avoid using chemicals for fungus and pest control. We are proud to say that our flowers are pesticide-free. This is actually SUPER cool! We’d love to show you how we’re doing it. Go here to learn more.

  • We’ve eliminated most of our peat and mineral soil reliance. Harvesting peat and mineral soil disrupts our ecosystems and is easily avoidable with hydroponic processes.

Our Commitment: We strive for healthier and cleaner options no matter the challenge or whether it’s trendy. We are always looking at how we can streamline our operations to reduce our impact on the environment.

We value water 💧

Water scarcity is becoming a bigger issue in more places. We are addressing it head-on with initiatives to improve our water efficiency.


  • In cooperation with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality we are working to bring our irrigation return run-off to zero. For this, a substantial effort is underway to re-use every last drop of irrigation return water and apply it to our field crops and landscaped areas.

  • We use water-efficiency equipment across all our operations for better water pre-treatment, fertigation and water recirculation. Additionally, a system of underground pipes collects and treats the water to be circulated back into the operations maximizing our water efficiency.

Our Commitment: We want everyone, everywhere to have access to safe, fresh drinking water. We minimize the water we use for production, as well as support safe drinking water projects worldwide.

We empower people 💪🏼

We believe access to education, personal development opportunities, health and human rights are the foundation of our company’s success.


  • Since we began, we’ve employed people regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, worldview, age or sexual orientation. We welcome anybody who works hard, shares our passion, and can commit to upholding our values.

  • We wrote employee handbooks to share our mission, vision and values so employees understand our purpose, and to promote good workplace relations and dialogue. We want our employees to clearly understand our company policies, and we consistently communicate them so our employees know where to turn for help, should they need it.

  • We are proud to teach, hire, and reward people through employee development initiatives, dialogues, and skill development programs. We regularly see people we hire for entry-level positions develop into supervisors and managers. Read Rigoberto's story here.

  • We are extraordinarily proud of our work-release program for prisoners nearing their release. Read Milton's inspirational story here.

Our Commitment: People are at the heart of everything we do. We value diversity, education and a free exchange of ideas because we want to create a better world. We also recognize people make mistakes (hey, we have) and it’s a natural part of growing, but that shouldn’t mean they lose an opportunity to improve along the way. Call us Old School, but we believe work can be challenging, rewarding and full of purpose. We do it every day and it’s a big part of our lives. So why not make the most of it?

We inspire action 🏋🏽‍♀️

With operations around the world, Bloomia is part of many different cultures and communities. As a community member we want to improve our society. Because of the unique way flowers connect people and make them happy, we form partnerships with those who can harness this power to enhance the lives of others.


  • We partner with organizations and people dedicated to making positive impacts. We donate thousands of flowers so they can reach their fundraising goals. Our first campaign with a hospital in Virginia was a huge success. To learn more about this visit Blooms for Hope. If you want to partner your nonprofit with us, get in touch!

Our Commitment: We want to use our flowers as a source for good. Every year we donate the revenue of thousands of flowers, participate in projects that make people happy, and inspire people to speak up. To be notified of upcoming events or learn how you can participate, subscribe to our newsletter.


From a family business founded by a farmer in the Netherlands, we’ve grown into a company with locations on four continents producing millions of flowers every month. We’ve made mistakes along the way, but we’ve also learned from them. We know more challenges await us and it’s not always going to be easy. But one thing we are certain about: we will always find ways to improve as individuals, as a company and as a team. That is the cornerstone to our sustainable growth and why we aim to better our communities, people and planet.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Bloomia and our efforts to make cut flowers sustainable and more meaningful.

Nico Botman

Bloomia CEO | Owner

The Netherlands

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