We made Valentine’s Day even more flowerful with Uber Eats!

Valentine’s Day, the one day lovers shower gifts on their partners, paramours and spouses for (almost*) no reason at all. And that’s brilliant!

What’s even more brilliant are those of you treating your lovers like every day is Valentine’s Day. At Bloomia we are overjoyed to be there no matter how often you make your relationships even more flowerful.


We made Valentine’s Day 2018 wildly flowerful for hundreds of people in Atlanta, Miami and Nashville. Together with Uber Eats, we surprised these lucky people with special deliveries of our US-grown flowers. Uber Eats’ customers ordered our flower bouquets for instant delivery and Uber Eats drivers delivered them as a lovely surprise.

Uber Eats wonderfully compliments Bloomia’s Mission to deliver fresh, beautiful, sustainably-grown flowers that brighten peoples’ day. We are always looking to make it easier for our customers to get the most flower out of their purchase. Partnering with Uber Eats gives our customers an easy, efficient and fun way to surprise their friends, family and loved ones.


We loved making Valentine’s Day a bit more special for people across the South. It’s truly our business to help you show how much you care about the love you show with our flowers. We stand behind you and take pride that our customers buy Bloomia floral products to deliver a personal message that can’t be said in words. That’s flowerful!

We are working on many exciting new campaigns and promotions for the coming months. Stay tuned! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you can help us bring more love in to the world.

*Legends exist of an ancient Roman priest, Valentinus, secretly and illegally marrying young couples where the groom was a soldier going to war. Love will always find a way.


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